Liverpool FC – Not just a football club


Passion for sports is something that brings out your innermost self and puts it in the open. I have often seen very shy people who seldom speak a complete sentence at a party, jumping and swearing in a stadium or arena voicing their support for their team or player, or disgust and loathing for the opposition.

I am no different. I have been a childhood supporter of Liverpool FC (from the times of Owen, Hamann, Hyypia, Carragher, Alonso, Mascherano, etc and the legend Gerrard himself) and will most certainly continue to do so in times to come, thus forming a part of a large fraternity worldwide.

But over the last decade or so, we have seen our mighty club fall from grace, once winning the Champions League final coming back from 3 goals down, now left to fight for a top six spot(correction:5th-7th spot except 2013-2014 season). Nevertheless, every year, every match, we turn out in numbers, either at the majestic Anfield, or in a local pub, or just in front of your TV set, to support the club of our love. Its a feeling which cannot be expressed in words, cannot be defined by religion or nationality, that time when a LFC forward smashes the ball into the top corner or when a creative No.10(you know who) dribbles past 3 opposition players to play a delightful through ball.

I am often asked by my friends who are also very passionate about soccer, why do I support Liverpool? The answer is something which always eludes me. There is no definitive answer. Why do you love the smell of a rose? Why do you love watching the sunrise? Why do you love your parents? Why do you love your life partner? There are no answers to these “Why”s. You just do and you know you will continue to do so unconditionally.

Anyways, it is very difficult to find a LFC fan nowadays who is happy with the current condition of the team and by current I mean about the last 6-7 years. However, there is a sense of optimism among us, like something is just around the corner. It feels like something is about to happen, a beast is about to wake up and show the world what it means like to actually play football with heart. A new person in charge and new chapters to be written, that is Liverpool Football Club now and this is me signing off

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