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Manchester United Vs Liverpool – One of the Biggest Rivalries in European Soccer

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The game between these two clubs doesn’t have any particular name: it’s just “The game”.  Yet even without any particular name this represents one of the biggest rivalries in European football.

United and Liverpool have a long history behind them. If we look at all time score then United is in the lead with 75-51-63.

Manchester United Team Info:
This is a crucial week for United. If they lost against Liverpool that would definitely mean that they will not see European competition next season.

Also in the midweek they are playing a return match “round of 16” UEFA Champions League against Olympiakos (0-2).

David Moyes don’t have any big problems with injured players: now only 3 players are out for this game Javier Hernandez, Nani and Jonny Evans.

Rooney is without doubt the best ranking United player. He is on top in all categories for best ranking player, most assist and top goal scorer. But while he scored 11 goals from 21 games, RvP scored same amount from 16 appearances.

In terms of tactics, Moyes was playing mostly one: 4-2-3-1,  so it is highly anticipated that in this game United will start in the same formation:

Manchester United, 4-2-3-1
Manchester United, 4-2-3-1

Liverpool Team Info:
At the start of the Premiership there were not many people who believed in this team, especially with all the problems with Luis Suarez and leaving the club.

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But after 28 rounds Liverpool is holding second place, 7 points behind the leader (Chelsea) and they have one of best attack records of the Premiership (73 goals so far, 2.6 per game).

Brendan Rodger’s players have been undefeated for 9 rounds in the Premiership after they suffered two major blows in only 3 days (Man. City 2-1 and Chelsea 2-1).

What Wayne Rooney is for Manchester United Luis Suarez us for Liverpool. He is the best ranking player, best goal scorer and best club assistant.

An interesting fact is that Liverpool strikers (Suarez and Sturridge) scored 42 goals. What is more interesting is that both average 1 goal per game.

Liverpool is playing pretty offensively this season. They are trying all kinds of 4-3-3 formations so it is likely that they will start with 4-3-3 in this game also:

Liverpool, 4-3-3
Liverpool, 4-3-3

We have already mentioned the long history between these two clubs.  So, here we will just take their last six games against each other.

Out of the last six games United won 4 of them and Liverpool won only 2.  If we look Home vs. Away then United won all six of the last games.

From the last six games only the last two ended 1-0 for the home side. Let’s hope that in this game we will see more than the average goal scored between these two clubs (3 goals per game).

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