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NXT Women’s division is everything WWE’s Divas division should be

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Since its rebranding in 2012 NXT has shown professional wrestling fans that WWE may know a thing or two about good wrestling. NXT serves as WWE’s developmental territory where it refines wrestlers until they are ready to make the move to the main roster.

Developmental implies that the standard of wrestling at NXT is lower than that of the main roster but the truth is that the standard of wrestling at NXT has been anything but that.

A particularly impressive aspect of NXT is the women’s wrestling which is more entertaining and engaging than that of its main roster counterpart.

On the most recent edition of NXT, Charlotte defended her NXT Women’s championship against the number one contender Sasha Banks in a rematch of their match at NXT Takeover: R Evolution and this match was an upgrade of a typical main roster divas match in every way possible.

The match involved punches, throws, submissions, good selling and as a result the crowd engagement was clearly noticeable. Both women were given over 10 minutes to put on a good match and they impressed, the last time that something like this happened on the main roster was when AJ Lee took on Kaitlyn for the Divas championship at payback which was 18 months ago. It’s also worth noting that the match wasn’t as good as the one between the two NXT prospects.

NXT’s women’s division has proven to be everything that the WWE divas division should be, instead of hair pulling and screaming NXT provides wrestling and a genuine reason for fans to care about women’s wrestling, something that has been missing for an incredibly long time. If NXT continues to produce the standard of wrestling that it’s produced so far then there is a lot of hope for women’s wrestling and there’s possibly hope for the women that have wilted away on the main roster since being called up from NXT.

NXT can only move up from the position it’s at now, which is very encouraging and it’s only a matter of time before the prospects at NXT right now are the main stars of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

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