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One Match Sums Up WWE’s Creativity Block

El Torito

Is it just me or is the WWE getting harder and harder to watch? It seems that they are stuck in a real creativity slump. One match comes on during the 10/6/14 edition of Monday Night Raw that describes  this slump perfectly.

The match I am talking about has basically already been done. You may recall earlier this year when Hornswoggle teamed up to become the fourth member of the 3 man band. During his stretch with the band Hornswoggle was in a rivalry with El Torito. I have nothing against little people, but the WWE is always saying they do what is ‘best for business’. Now are two little people fighting honestly best for business?

I’ll go ahead and answer that question. No. Not only was it bad for business then, it’s bad for business now.

Monday night on Raw El Torito was set to fight. This came of as a surprise to me considering I haven’t seen him on TV since his last match with Hornswoggle. When his opponent is called I see the tag team of ‘Slater and Gator’. Once I saw them, I instantly knew this match would suck. Followed by Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater was Hornswoggle. The bad thing about this was he was in a gator costume.

This match surprisingly didn’t live up to expectations. Well, I knew it would be bad, but I didn’t know it would be that bad. Even the live audience thought it sucked. While El Torito was  tieing the mini gator up, the crowed started to chant “This is stupid!”.  I think it’s safe to say that over 90% of the WWE universe agreed that it was stupid. At one point the Brooklyn crowd got so bored during the match, they started a chant to remember their old friend Derek Jeter.

From the sound of the audience I think it is safe to say WWE is going to stay away from a Hornswoggle, El Torito dispute for a long time, as they should. Not only will they need to stop stupid matches like this, I think they will need to start changing things up. Week in, and week out the same superstars are winning in the same fights. Matches are too predictable, it’s making Raw and Smackdown hard to watch.

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