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Opinion: I’m glad there’s a college football playoff

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Well, it’s about time. There is a college football playoff. I was extremely satisfied about how this all worked out because there are just some college football teams out there that are not as good as what they think they are. One team that was a surprise to me was the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Ohio State receives a lot of love on television from some analysts such as Lou Holtz because he felt they could compete with any team in college football. The “SEC” is considered the best conference in all of college football, and some football fans who have favorite teams in that particular conference always argued about how other conferences couldn’t keep up with the teams in the “SEC” because of the speed, competition and size.

Since all of that talk has been going on for a while, I’m glad the committee put Ohio State up against Alabama. This was a time to show if the Big  conference compete with the SEC.

Head coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes and his football team proved everybody wrong on New Years Day when his squad defeated the Crimson Tide in a hard-fought battle 42-35 in the Sugar Bowl. Meyer’s team was just as fast as Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide football team which nobody thought the Buckeyes had a chance.

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The Buckeyes won with a third string quarterback just to top it off like putting a cherry on top of a sundae. The purpose of me bringing this up is because the college football playoff system chooses the teams that are deserving of a high-ranking. It’s not going to base teams rankings off of how many wins they have.

For example, lets talk about the Florida State Seminoles. Yes, Florida State only lost one game this year and won the other 13. But, were they really as dominant of a football team as many said?

Most people would argue yes because of quarterback Jameis Winston. OK, he’s a tremendous signal caller with a high football IQ. But, what most people are forgetting is that Florida State was getting extremely lucky for some of the 2014 season. After they defeated Miami 30-26 on November 15, 2014, the last three regular season games they played, they won by six points or less.

This years Florida State team wasn’t as dominate as the 2013 Florida State football team. How do I know this?

I noticed they were starting off slow in the beginning of football games and woke up when the second half came around. Yes, they were winning, but it wasn’t going to last long especially playing teams like the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks just score, score, and score.

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The Oregon Ducks demolished the Noles 59-20 in the Rose Bowl game and it was the first loss of Jameis Winston’s career. This is why Florida State didn’t stay number one throughout the whole season even though they were winning all of their games because the team finally faced a “real” team. The Seminoles were lucky to win those last three games if it wasn’t for the offense.

So far, I’m satisfied with the college football playoff system. It went smooth for the first year. Let’s all hope that it can play out well the same way in the 2015 season. What are your thoughts on the college football playoff system?

Here’s some highlights of the Rose Bowl game:

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