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Playoff Baseball


Postseason baseball is here!!!

All 163 games are done

YES 163 games… at least for the Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers and Rockies.

The MLB playoffs look better than ever.

The Red Sox set a team record for 106 wins in a season. There are underdogs in the playoffs.

So with that said; here are my predictions.

In the AL Wild Card game I have the Athletics beating the Yankees

In the NL Wild Card game I have the Rockies beating the Cubs.

In the ALDS; I see the Indians beating the Astros and the Red Sox beating Athletics.

In the NLDS I have the Brewers beating the Rockies and the Braves beating the Dodgers.

In the ALCS I have the Red Sox beating the Indians and in the NLDS I have the Braves beating the Dodgers

In the fall classic; I have the Red Sox defeating the Braves in the best of 7.

As the MLB season ends; in comes awards.

AL CY YOUNG: Blake Snell

Blake Snell came out of nowhere, he pitched a record of 21-5, a 1.89 ERA, and had 221 strikeouts in 181.1 innings pitched.  In his last 15 games; he put up a record of 12-1, with a 1.25 ERA, and had 61 strikeouts in 41.2 innings.

NL CY Young; Jacob DeGrom

Put passed the 10-9 record.

If the Mets had scored 4 runs each of his starts; DeGrom would be 30-0. If they had scored 3 runs; he would be 25-1. If they had scored 2 runs; he would be 20-6.  His win loss does not determine his pitching ability.

AL ROTY; Miguel Andujar

Miguel Andujar had lights out stats for the year; hitting 27 home runs, 92 RBI’s with a      .297 batting average.  Everyone argues that Ohtani should take this home but; Ohtani missed a number of games.  Therefore; Andujar played better and did it without injury.

NL ROTY; Ronald Acuna JR

Acuna is a 5 tool player, he has a cannon of an arm; he can hit for power (which he displayed while hitting 7 homers in 7 games. As well has hitting for contact and he has a good set of wheels.

AL MVP: JD Martinez; For the first time; the Red Sox put money into a player that actually payed off. JD Martinez hit with a .259 average, hitting 43 home runs and had 130 RBI’s he also had a OPS of 1.031.

NL MVP: Christian Yellich

Christian Yellich came out like a bullet out of a gun in the second half.

In comparison to another player here are some stats.

Player A;

.326 batting average

36 Home runs

110 RBI’s

OBP: .402

SLUG; .598

Runs; 118

SB; 22

Player B;

.290 Batting Average

34 HR

111 RBI’s

.326 OBP

.554 SLUG

101 Runs

21 Stolen Bases

Player A; MVP

Player B; Runner up

Player A; Christian Yellich

Player B; Javier Baez.

With that said; Christian Yellich is the NL MVP and to be honest.  It’s not even close.

AL Manager of the Year; Kevin Cash; The Tampa Bay Rays finished 3rd in the AL East; they finished 90-72; put the rays in the National league; that is a wild card team  

NL Manager of the Year; Gabe Kaplar 

Gabe Kaplar took the Phillies who on paper weren’t as good of a team as they came out to be. He put aside the issues with Jake Arrieta and turned the team around.  

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