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It is not a secret that people from the United Kingdom love to place bets. If you are one of them you will know what we are talking about. When it comes to where to place bets, there are many reputable sports gambling sites and one of them is MyStake, it has a great reputation among UK bettors and offers good deals for players. The real question here is which events to place the bet on. There are a lot of options which is a good thing. However, some events and tournaments are simply better and more thrilling. Today we are going to explain these in detail and help you understand why each one is special.

Grand National

Horse racing is the most popular sport in the United Kingdom. This particular event is even more appealing than you may believe. A while back, in 2017 bettors placed over £300 million in bets only. The event was viewed by over 600 million people across the world. As you can see, the event is extremely popular and appealing. It is also special and has a rich history, something bettors like as well.

The bets here will vary. Most of them are going to be casual bets. A bettor will want to watch the race and place a small bet just to make it more thrilling. On the other hand, we have massive bets that are just impressive. These are placed by professional bettors who know all the elements of a race and who want to get the best thrill and obviously win big. 

FIFA World Cup

There is just one way we can say this. FIFA World Cup is the ultimate event to place a bet. As a matter of fact, football is the most popular sport for bettors. Over 70% of all the best-placed on sports events are placed on Football events. The number has been growing for a long time and we believe this trend is going to last.

The best on the English national team is over £2.5 billion so you can get a clear idea of how popular this sport is. All we can add is that football is an appealing, thrilling, and interesting sport with countless possibilities. There are all sorts of events available on a regular basis hence you can deduce why this sport is so popular among bettors. At any sports betting site, you can find over 1500 football events to place a bet on. This is great and something you will probably want to experience at some point. 

The Hundred

If you are from the United Kingdom you know about this event. It is a 100-ball cricket tournament that is held in Whales and England. It is an excellent place where cricket teams can promote important things like self-exclusion and responsible gaming for players worldwide. It is a prestigious event like no other. An interesting fact is that fans from all over the world come here to enjoy the sport. There are many examples of successful bets in this case scenario.

The number of bets has been growing every year. People and fans love placing these bets and getting a decent profit from a carefully placed bet. Of course, most of the bets are small and they are used to make the whole experience more appealing, nothing more. All we can say is that the event generates millions from bets only and the income in this form is growing.

UEFA European Football Championship

UEFA European Football Championship is something you are probably familiar with. There are countless events in this particular case. We like that and you will agree or better said have the same opinion. More events give you more options so you can place more bets on different events and enjoy more.

UEFA European Football Championship generated billions from betting only and it is one example where the income is growing on a steady basis. If you want to bet on football and you want the best experience, don’t forget about this championship. It involves the best teams and the best athletes. It is an extremely thrilling event that you are going to enjoy on a regular basis. 

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is another event where you can place bets on horse racing. The perks here are impressive. This event holds 13-36 races (Flat Group 1) and it is a prestigious event that has over 600.000 visitors. Most of them are bettors. As you can imagine, the number of bets that comes from this event is massive and there are a lot of great examples where people have won big money. The event is becoming more popular as we speak so if you are into horse racing, you will want to visit it and become a part of all that. 

The Final Word

Sports are or better said have been the best thing for bettors. If you are into sports and you would like to place one bet, do that at these events. They are prestigious and they are extremely popular. This means you will have better luck, have more fun and you can win more while doing the thing you like. All bettors bet at these events and now you know why. 

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