Premier League – who will go down?

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The premier league relegation battle is one that is tense and fierce as at any given moment a teams situation could change resulting in a trip to the championship which is like going home after your all inclusive holiday. This season the battle is more unpredictable than ever with Norwich, Sheffield United and Aston Villa all coming up. However at least three teams have to go down so who will it be?

To begin with let’s start with a team who last season stayed up by the skin of their teeth -Brighton. With Chris Hughton sacked and an ageing Glen Murray leading the line I feel it’s only a matter of time before Brighton once again return to the league they worked so hard to get out of after only 3 seasons in the Premier League. My reasoning towards this statement is that Brighton simply do not score enough. Last season they scored 35 goals in 38 games with a shot accuracy of 29% with Glenn Murray scoring 13 of those 35 goals. However Murray is coming to the end of his career and it has been highlighted on many occasions that the other strikers such as Locadia cannot take  the place of Glenn Murray as he himself only bagged 4 goals in 34 appearances.So with that being said the key to Brighton unlocking the doors to a fourth Premier League season could be a new young goal scorer.

Following on the second team I believe will be facing the drop next season is Aston Villa. This is due to their lack of financial funding which means that they will be without some of the crucial players which sent them to the so called promised land in the playoff final last season. Players such as Tammy Abraham ,  who scored a crucial penalty in the playoffs and netted an astonishing 25 goals, will be leaving Aston Villa and going back to his parent club chelsea because Aston Villa cannot afford him with their current financial situation. Without Tammy Abraham’s goals the second top goalscorer last season was Conor Hourihane with 11. Moreover , Aston Villa also possess another weakness which is their leaky defence which saw them keep just 6 clean sheets last season. So could Villa go down due to their lack of financial capabilities? Or will players such as Grealish take the prem by storm?

The final team I think will go down next season is Burnley. This is due to the fact that the new boys, Sheffield United and Norwich play better and quicker football and will therefore trouble teams more than the slow long ball and defensive tactics of Sean Dyches Burnley. This means that Norwich and Sheffield United will gain more points against teams such as Crystal Palace and Newcastle with quick passing play undoing the so called lesser teams and even the top 6 teams on occasion much like wolves did last season. In comparison Burnley are slow and very rarely take points of the top 6 and I feel like their style of play will be easy to defend for the likes of Newcastle which will result in Burnley dropping points in games they need to win. The real question is, is it time up for Burnley in the Premier League if they don’t change their predictable slow style?

To conclude, the seasons relegation battle is promising to be a dramatic one with a combination of quick counter attacking teams like Norwich and the more direct play of Burnley and Newcastle. Who will go down?

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