Protect Yourself At All Times: RIGONWOW!

Guillermo Rigondeaux smashed pound for pound superstar Nonito Donaire over a year ago now and his career has simply stalled.

Major networks don’t want to touch him with a barge pole and Bob Arum was pretty disparaging about him despite promoting the guy.

Poor Rigo. The guy is so talented it is costing him. After struggling to get a decent bout for a year he took on Joseph Agbeko and snoozed to a 12 round victory.

It seemed to get worse. Neither Leo Santa Cruz nor Kiko Martinez wanted to put up a title shot and Carl Frampton seemed uninterested. Rigo called out the champions for failing to try to unify the belts. No-one seemed to care. Mainstream boxing fans didn’t want to watch him whilst the rest fawned over him.

Rigo and his team decided to take on durable veteran Sod Kokietgym with a record of 63-2-1 in what was surely a tune up fight, though all of his fights seem like a tune up fight. Within a round Sod could add another loss to that record.

Before we delve into the fight this is the chain of events. Nothing happens for half a round. There is a headbutt and Sod goes down in visible pain. The ref calls time. Sod gets up and is obviously in pain.

Rigo has gone to the other side of the ring suffering no after effects. The ref checks for any cuts and then seeing there isn’t one calls time in.

The fighters walk towards each other and touch gloves. Sido then gets smashed with a 1-2 and goes down and is knocked out.

Now. The headbutt is neither fighters fault. They come together as they throw. Sido does what a lot of fighters do and walks towards the other guy to touch gloves under the assumption that Rigo will do the same.

Crucially though he thinks Rigo will take a step back and then they can assume a fighting position. Rigo says sod that touches gloves and instantly throws a 1-2. Sido can complain all he wants about it being unsportsmanlike but the rules are simple, time in, fight!

It is probably a good thing for Rigo, he has an edge to him now that we didn’t previously know about and a 1 round KO to boot.

Sido, protect yourself at ALL TIMES!

[youtube id=”rmaMpQ9jYRQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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