Real Money Online Casinos: What They’re And How To Find The Good Ones


Online casinos, also called internet casinos, bring traditional casinos and pokies to the internet. They allow punters to bet, stake, and play casino games online using real money. Internet casinos let you play pokies, card games, dice games, etc., online. 

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is in charge of issuing licenses and regulating these casinos for the federal government. ACMA currently does not give licenses to internet casinos. ACMA prohibits international real money internet casinos from operating in Australia. They, however, haven’t banned Australians from playing.

How to Find the Good Real Money Online Casinos

Identifying safe and credible internet real money casinos in Australia can be demanding without government oversight. There are a lot of real money online casinos that provide their services to Australians. While others are legitimate, others are scams that want to steal from unsuspecting Aussies.

There’s a lot to review and think about before you start to play internet casinos. Some of those are highlighted in the list below. Here are the metrics you should base your research on:

  • Diversity Game Library: Imagine finding out that a casino only offers 20 or 30 games after signing up. Good real money internet casinos have hundreds of different games to select from in their library.
  • Accepted Currencies and Means of Payment: You should use a platform that accepts deposits of different currencies, including AUD, and allows your preferred means of payment. Their withdrawals and deposits are also secured. Some sites will allow users to gamble using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s advisable to find an internet casino that allows instant withdrawals.
  • Privacy Policies: Before you start using a platform, you should read their privacy policy and how they handle users’ data.  Other casinos might sell collected data to third parties.
  • A large amount of Users: An internet casino with few clients cannot be trusted easily as they are mostly new. Beginners should choose more established platforms. Users have a tendency to flock to the good real money online casinos. The larger the number of punters, the better the platform is.
  • Platforms availability: The platforms should be accessible on Android or iPhone phones, tablets, and your computer. Some are even available on gaming consoles like PlayStation. You will find that some internet casinos don’t have apps and can only be accessed via a computer; if you prefer to gamble on your phone, such casinos aren’t for you.
  • Reviews: You should view the ratings on the casino on the app store and play store or read reviews from expert websites. High ratings and positive customer feedback mean that the site is good and can be trusted. If the ratings are low and customers leave negative feedback, it is best to stay away from such a site.
  • Licenses: Internet casinos have to be licensed before they start operating. These licenses are normally offered by government agencies or a reputable oversight body. Check if the platform you choose is licensed.
  • Customer Care: Since you’re waging real cash on these internet casinos, it’s best also to select one with human customer service representatives, not bots. If there’s an issue, you should be able to contact them quickly and settle a problem amicably.
  • Bonuses: These casinos usually provide massive bonuses when you deposit to use their platform. The compensation can include doubling or tripling your deposit, offering free spins, etc. Other casinos also pay users a loyalty bonus for choosing their services.
  • Transparency: The platform should be frank and open on the way their odds and software work. They should also display a certificate and a seal from an independent gaming lab that audited their platform.
  • Platform usability: A good platform should have great user interfaces that are modern, direct, and easily usable. The site ought to be navigable and essential features not hidden.

What you Should Have to Play Real Money Internet Casinos

After identifying a platform, you must have a device to access the internet to play in Australia. These devices can be: 

  • mobile phone
  • tablet
  • computer. 

To play without any glitches, your internet should be fast and reliable.

Final Thoughts

Real money internet casinos have grown expeditiously in Australia for the last two decades mainly because state and federal governments heavily regulate traditional gambling.

Internet casinos provide better privacy as they can be played anywhere at any time without any interference. The bonuses that the good internet casinos provide are enticing, and they increase the possibilities of winning real money.

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