Roman Reigns isn’t ready for the top just yet

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According to various reports Roman Reigns is destined for the top of WWE and his career so far has served to prove that he will one day dethrone John Cena at the top; however a lot of wrestling fans must be asking themselves if that makes sense.

Since the shield broke up Roman Reigns has been on a fast track to the top of the WWE, having been involved in two WWE world heavyweight championship matches and a feud with established veteran Randy Orton which he won. Reigns was sidelined in September with a hernia, however since his return earlier this month his path the top has continued full steam with him being the clear favourite to win the 2015 Royal Rumble.

WWE will need somebody to take over from John Cena the same way that John Cena took over from The Rock, and Roman Reigns possesses the look but the truth is that Roman Reigns is very far from the finished product. At the very least a wrestler that is the face of the company needs to be able to work a 20 minute singles match, however Roman Reigns is yet to have one, on top of that whenever Roman Reigns has participated in a lengthy singles match he’s taken the majority of the damage before bursting out with his signature moves and grabbing a win.

This has shown that Roman Reigns hasn’t got a very wide move set and if fans were treated to that for successive pay-per-view main events it would frustrate them and they would voice those frustrations.

A wrestler at the very top is also required to have adequate mic skills which Roman Reigns doesn’t have. Whenever Reigns delivers a promo, it’s not very hard to tell that he’s reading lines, his promos fail to excite and they fail to make a connection with the fans.

Roman Reigns is the type of character that should speak very few words and let his spears do the talking just like he did whilst he was part of the shield however that has its problems, the main one being that Reigns will never be able to hype any kind of match.

It’s not hard to see that Roman Reigns isn’t ready for the top, however that doesn’t mean he can’t develop and become the wrestler that WWE wants him to be but for him to do that WWE will need to halt his push and allow him to participate in a few more feuds before going the world title.

The last wrestler that was forced to main event status without being ready was Ryback and we all know how that turned out.

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