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Shannon Briggs Challenges Wladimir Klitschko

Shannon Briggs (51-6-1, 45 KO’s) turned up at Wladimir Klitschko’s gym where he was training for his upcoming world title defence against Alex Leapai next month on April 26th

The former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs was ranting and raving at Klitchsko in the gym, challenging him there and then to a fight and he attacked Klitschko about only fighting lower level fighters during his career.

Briggs totally lost it and had to be held back on a number of occasions, the American totally disrupted Klitschko’s training session.

 Klitschko was having his hand wrapped at the time, coolly ignoring the Briggs tirade.

Shannon then ripped off his shirt and went berserk at Wladimir. As he was being held back, Briggs threw his shoe at Wlad, striking him in the chest.

Wladimir then said “I’m going to make you eat that shoe.”

Briggs said “I train here too. I train here too. My stuff is here. We can do it. What? Make me eat it right now. Make me eat it right now. You better know. Shannon Briggs is back. Wherever you go, I go. Shannon Briggs.

“Let the world know that Shannon Briggs is back. You aint nothing. You’re fighting bums. I’m outside.

Wladimir then said “Punch drunk. I’m coming. Give me 45 minutes.”

42-year-old Shannon Briggs has decided to mount a comeback to the ring, ironically his last professional bout was against Wladimir’s older brother Vitali Klitschko in Hamburg, Germany where he was battered into submission.

The American took as severe beating and was never seen again until now.


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