Spa-Francorchamps – The Legendary Formula 1 Track

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Motorsport is inferior in popularity to football, basketball, tennis and several other disciplines. But if you take a closer look at this sport, you can find a lot of interesting things here. For example, each track has its own nuances. These are high-tech sports competitions. The success of the teams here depends on the symbiosis of technology and pilots, as well as on the coherence of the team’s actions and the right strategies.

Formula 1 is considered the queen of motorsport. The most advanced automotive technical solutions are being introduced here. And the struggle is even for improving the speed of the circle by thousandths of a second.

But the interest for the audience is not even these technical moments, but the entertainment that a certain track can give. For example, there are classic city races on the calendar, such as the Monaco or Baku Grand Prix. There are some new circuits like Miami. But the legendary slopes are of great interest, one of which is the Spa-Francorchamps.

Facts about the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit is the longest in Formula 1:

The length of the track is 7 km;

There are only 44 laps in the race;

The total length of the race is 308.2 km.

The first Grand Prix was held here in 1925. Since then, the circuit has undergone a number of renovations. Initially, the route was even longer – more than 15 km, and passed around neighbouring villages. A configuration similar to the modern one has been in use since 1979.

Each turn on the track has its own name. The most famous is “O Rouge” or “Red Water”, as well as “Radio”. Often, the name “O Rouge” refers to a bunch of three turns at once, forming the most spectacular part of the track. This bunch of fast corners is passed at speeds in excess of 300 km / h. Formula 1 drivers go through these corners without taking their feet off the gas pedal. But despite this, this section of the route is considered one of the most difficult in the season. It is enough to make a small mistake to be out of the track.

Pilots come to the turn after a long straight, where they accelerate over 300 km/h. At what the straight line goes downhill and smoothly turns into a left turn. Then follows a bunch with a right turn, after which the track goes up sharply at an inclination of 18 degrees. And at the top of the hill, the track goes left again. Due to the height difference and the high speed in the corners, the pilots experience large g-forces, which makes the control of the car even more difficult.

The greatest feature of the route is the height difference, which is more than 170 meters. For example, in the O Rouge alone, the drop is more than 30 meters.

Incidents and accidents

The most significant incident of recent seasons can be called the entire Grand Prix of 2021. Before the start of the race on the track was pouring rain. And since the circuit is located in the mountains, there was a lot of water in some parts of the track. Even the updated drainage system could not cope. The safety car periodically tested the track for readiness for the race, but a full start was never given. The riders completed only two laps behind the paycar, at which point the race was stopped, and the results are calculated with half points.

The most serious accident here occurred in 2019 in Formula 2. Then, on the second lap after passing the Radiolon corner, one of the pilots led, and the French racer Antoine Hubert, who was behind BWT Arden, who was walking behind, tried to avoid a collision and crashed into a protective tire barrier. After that, the car of the 19-year-old Frenchman was thrown onto the track. Without having time to react, Juan Manuel Correa crashed into Hubert’s car at full speed. Unfortunately, the Frenchman died from his injuries, and Correa received numerous injuries, after which he underwent many operations.

On the same section of the road, a serious accident occurred two years later – in the women’s Formula 1 at the Belgian Grand Prix 2021. During the race, it rained a little, affecting the traction quality. There were 6 fireballs outside the track. Some of them got pretty tough. But, fortunately, this time there were no serious injuries.

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