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NFL: Cam Newton released by the New England Patriots; Mac Jones gets the start in Week 1


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Shockingly, the 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton was released during the last NFL cuts to make ex-Alabama quarterback Mac Jones the undisputed starting QB for the New England Patriots.

The reasons for the move were not fully clarified by head coach Bill Belichick, though rumors relate it to Cam's violation of the COVID protocol rules during the latter stages of the preaseason. It was suprising because Newton played relatively well during the preaseason as Jones did. Personally, I believe that Cam should have been the starter for maximum a year or at least until his play would have deteriorated during the season. It would have put less pressure on Mac Jones to fill Tom Brady's shoes this early in his career and learn the offense slowly by watching it from the sidelines.

What are your thoughts about this risky cut? Was it the right move for the Patriots to do or not? Share your thoughts below.