Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. Potential mega fight - thoughts and opinions.


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What is everybody making of Fury's daily clips directed at AJ?
What weird game is he playing?

Ive noticed even more of a rambling Tyson than ever in the last 8 weeks he has said some bonkers stuff over the years but now its reached a point where he is just making it up as he goes along.
He is doing it all for public view which is even more concerning. From retiring and unretiring pretty much everyday to jokingly announcing Isaac Lowe as trainer. Demanding Mayweather Pacman money to fight usyk then telling the world he will only fight joshua for free.
Calling out derek chisora again and now the most bizarre move of them all bringing manuel charr into the mix with the AJ fight after declaring he was pulling out of the fight at 5pm monday because the contract wasn't signed. Whats the rush?if you wanna fight him just sit back and wait for the word that it is done.
the video circulating from the other day of charr calling AJ "anthony pussyuwa" looked fury orchestrated and sounds like something fury would say. Absolutely bizarre.
I like fury but its got to the point where i can't watch him anymore on social media. Its not fun.

If he is the fighting man he says and we all believe him to be then he should be telling AJ to have another fight get back to winning ways because he wants the best AJ possible and not the one coming off 2 losses.
Rushing to make this mega fight is a bad idea in my opinion and should be made for spring giving time to build it up with a big media tour at arenas across the UK. This fight should be at wembley stadium where they could maximise to 120k people in attendance.