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Summertime Sports Betting Opportunities

As the main European football season draws to an end, many people assume that this also means the end for exciting betting opportunities. On the contrary, there are some fantastic summertime sports betting opportunities that offer plenty of value and excitement.

Tennis is a great example of a good summertime sports betting opportunity. Wimbledon is regarded as the biggest tournament in tennis and the betting markets available are huge. From outright winners, to live, in-play betting on each individual game, the betting options are seemingly endless. Numerous websites offer live streaming of the event, meaning you can watch matches develop and bet on them accordingly. Wimbledon is a massive tournament in the sporting calendar and one that offers brilliant summertime sports betting opportunities.

Golf is another sport that brings with it a wide choice of betting markets. The Open Championship, which is played every July, is one of the four major golf tournaments played throughout the year. Similar to Wimbledon, the Open Championship is regarded as being the biggest golf tournaments in the world and therefore opens up numerous betting opportunities. Again, there is the outright winner market, live, in-play betting, live streaming options, head-to-head betting and much more. With worldwide tournament coverage, the Open Championship is a tremendous summertime sports betting opportunity.

The Epsom Derby is a popular horse racing event held every June. As Britain’s richest horse race, it’s little surprise that it also attracts much attention at the bookmakers, both in the UK and abroad. In fact, the Epsom Derby has a massive world-wide TV audience every year. Many of the leading bookmakers provide very good betting offers around this sporting event and these can be taken advantage of every year. The NCAA Football season begins late in the summer for those who want more action then the horsies can give the average punter.

Simply because the main European club football season has ended, this does not mean football betting has ended during the summer. Depending on the year, there could be a World Cup, a European Championship, a Copa America, a Gold Cup, a Women’s World Cup, the list goes on and on. Take 2015 for example, there has been a Copa America tournament featuring the likes of Argentina and Brazil. There has also been a Women’s World Cup and UEFA under-21 tournament, in addition to the Gold Cup. Of course soon enough we will start up the NFL season at the end of the summer and that runs all fall and part of Winter. The worlds best handicapper Jon Price of Sports Information Traders has a lot of eye balls on him as his monitored NFL Picks are being played live on the air over the radio waves in America this year.

All of these tournaments boast a wide range of betting markets, from outright winner, top goalscorer, group winners plus much more.

Each and every summer, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to sports betting opportunities and this will continue for many years to come.


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