The NFL Stadiums with the Coolest Amenities

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With football season in full swing, I decided to sit down and look at NFL stadiums with the ultimate fan experiences. Whether it’s a unique fan amenity or a stadium rich with history, read on to see if your team’s home field made the list! 10. Lambeau Field (Green Bay

Prejudice masked as concern is not a good argument

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In Contact Sports, people get hurt. It’s a fact of life. And those taking part accept it just as readily as those watching it. This is as true for Rugby League as it is for Jiu-Jitsiu. That’s part of the thrill. It’s what gets the blood pumping through the veins.

What went wrong with the Colts?

Colts vs Patriots

The Indianapolis Colts went into Foxboro hoping to get back to the Super Bowl but they would have to beat a surging Tom Brady and company to make that possible. Colts haven't been to a Super Bowl since 2009 and it wasn't going to be easy-going up against the Patriots