Games to Watch for the Final Week of the NFL Season

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For the final week of the NFL season, teams are still battling for playoff positioning, players and coaches have one last week to impress their old team or possible new team, and fans are prepping for the potential euphoria or disappointment of their team. Out of the sixteen games being

Cutler and Colin: The Fall of Two Quarterbacks


In my third year of participating in my brother's Fantasy Football league, I had one rule that had to be followed: Do not use your first pick on a quarterback. The quarterback position is so deep, I can wait until the fourth or fifth round for one. Starting my season

Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals Tie


Cam Newton finally returned to his old self. The dual-threat quarterback was finally able to run effectively for the first time this season, as he ran the ball 17 times for 107 yards and his first rushing touchdown of the season. He also added 284 passing yards and two touchdowns

Carolina Panthers – Cincinnati Bengals Preview


The Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals, who are both coming off very surprising performances, will meet in Cincinnati on Sunday in a game that both teams need to win. The Panthers went down 21-7 early against the Chicago Bears last week, but stormed back and won 31-24. Meanwhile, the Bengals, who were

Cincinnati Bengals Dayton Ohio Practice Fan Experience

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Cincinnati Bengals being arguably the world's most popular sport comes with a price. That price being that the NFL is often the most criticized league ever. Heck in this day and age even the most hard-core fan of a team will criticize it when they feel it warranted, if you don't