A History Of British Sprinting: Chambers and Malcolm


In this part of the A History of British Sprinting series, we will be looking at Dwain Chambers and Christian Malcolm. These two sprinters have been very successful in what has been a period with plenty of good British sprinters but no great British sprinters. Dwain Chambers Arguably, the most best sprinter

A History of British Sprinting: Devonish and Lewis-Francis


The last article in this series was about Darren Campbell and Jason Gardener, two athletes who have been successful in recent years and made sure that sprinting in Britain was kept alive post the Christie era. The famous 2004 Olympic gold medal in the 4x100m was won by Gardener and Campbell,

A History of British Sprinting: Gardener and Campbell


The first part of this series focused on two olympic gold medalists Christie and Wells, the two men that can claim to the best ever sprinters in British history. The second part of this series will focus on two more recent British sprinters who both frustrated and delighted us throughout their

A History of British Sprinting: Christie and Wells


Although Americans, Jamaicans and Canadians have generally dominated the sprinting game through history, there have been countries which have challenged this pattern throughout the years of modern competitive sprinting. The United Kingdom is one of the few countries that have managed to make an impact in the world of sprinting. This article

Roger Bannister: The Life and Times of a Legend

Roger Bannister 4

The four minute mile was an elusive ambition in the field of athletics.  It had been a target for many years but has never been recorded formally.  Then one day in 1954 a young man by the name of Roger Gilbert Bannister was the first person to cross this important