The Evolution of Cricket


Cricket is the world's second most popular spectator sport after football. Nowadays countries conduct many tournaments like T20s, ODIs and even Test matches. A lot of countries play the game and many are still improving to get to the international level. The sport has helped the country and the players in

Europe in hot form at Weber Cup

Dominic Barrett e

Europe dominates play at the Weber Cup as it reaches the penultimate phase. Captain Dominic Barrett who is currently world number two opened the singles with a powerhouse performance hitting a 278 against team America’s Wes Mallot. Two hander Jesper Svensson then bowled a 264 against fellow two hander Kyle Troup. The young

Batting Woes Cost West Indies Another Test Match


Despite the new look of the West Indies test outfit, it was the same old story for them. Their inability to hold their bats through the longer format proved costly as they were handed a heavy defeat in the hands of the New Zealanders in the first test match in