Manning vs. Brady Isn’t About Manning or Brady This Time


Manning vs. Brady. Sports anchors, analysts, and reporters have repeated this mantra for nearly 15 years. Each year since 2000 at least one of these two quarterbacks has led his team to the playoffs. They’ve faced each other sixteen times, with four of those meetings in the playoffs. Meeting number 5,

Is it time for Peyton Manning to call it quits very soon?


There's no other quarterback in the league that I know of that can get the ball out faster than Peyton Manning. Manning is an expert at the game and is well-respected by many coaches and other players in the NFL. However, he's starting to show signs that his final days

Familiar Territory


ST. LOUIS, MO-- "Whoa." That's all that you should have been able to say when you saw the score of the St. Louis Rams-Denver Broncos contest on Sunday. The Rams were not only to pull off a mesmerizing victory against one of the best teams in the league, but it was not