Tiebreaker game Previews and Predictions

The Dodgers have a chance to lock up the NL West for the 6th straight time

 Tiebreaker game Previews and Predictions Well, here it is. A full season of major league baseball and we still have two divisions up for grabs. A lot will be on the line tomorrow afternoon, the winners will head straight to the NLDS while the losers will play in the wild card

Reliving the Greatest Game Seven in Sports

lester indians

Being only eighteen years old, I have seen a limited amount of game sevens in sports.  However, being the avid fan that I am, I was able to study many of the other famous big games in the past twenty years.  Despite the research, I have to say that the

The Chicago Cubs’ Farm System

Ant Rizzo

The Chicago Cubs season this year showed some signs of things to come. Everyone thought that this would be a good year for the Cubs (that happens every year) because it was the 100th Anniversary of Wrigley Field. If you are a Cubs fan, you realized that this was not