Cleveland Browns vs. Officiating

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There are no shortage of conspiracies when it comes to the NFL and it's officiating. This year, however, the Cleveland Browns have been seemingly targeted by the zebras. Fans of the Browns could quickly point out several times where poor officiating has changed the fate of their favorite team's season.

End of the Big Three in Cleveland?


When it was announced earlier this year that power forward Kevin Love and small forward LeBron James would be packing their bags to join forces with point guard Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the basketball world went into an utter frenzy with high hopes and expectations for the future

Is it in the Browns Best Interest to Re-Sign Brian Hoyer?

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Rumors are starting to surface that Brian Hoyer will have no interest in signing any deals with the Browns if Johnny Manziel is still on the team. Hoyer was quick to shoot these rumors down. Wednesday Hoyer said these comments. "I just want to address what we talked about the other

Why We Shouldn’t Give Up on Anthony Bennett


Going into the 2013 NBA Draft, no one knew what the Cavaliers were going to do with the number one pick. When it was finally time to make a decision, GM Chris Grant shocked the basketball world by selecting Anthony Bennett. While it wasn’t a popular pick, it was hard to

Browns: 5 Keys to a Successful Season

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The Cleveland Browns finally have a chance to pick themselves out of the AFC North basement this year. They picked up solid veterans during free agency, and added depth and even a few potential starters through the draft. However, if the Browns truly hope to be successful this season, there

Johnny Backup: Should Fans be worried?


With the 22nd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select..... Johnny Manziel. The Browns moved up 4 spots from where they were originally slated to pick to grab none other than Texas A&M star Johnny Football. In the time since, Cleveland has been making headlines all over the