The Curious Case of Josh Rosen

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    When do you give up on a 1st round talent? Is a guy a 1st rounder just because he plays a premium position? Everyone knows that the draft is like throwing a bunch of darts and hoping one lands, but a 1st rounder is supposed to be a blue

Horned Frogs Escape Jayhawks


Lawrence, KS--The TCU Horned Frogs (4) escaped against the Jayhawks of Kansas by the score of 34-30. The game did not begin as planned for TCU, who was surely expecting an easy game against the measly three-win Jayhawks. Kansas stayed with TCU and showed no signs of slowing down throughout the

Game of Thrones


College football is taking center stage again as today many big teams have even bigger games. Here's a look at some of the ones to watch out for: 1. FLORIDA STATE (3) @ MIAMI (FL); 8 pm ET, ABC Jameis Winston and his Florida State Seminoles have a big statement game today.

A Culture of Abuse with Jerry Sandusky


It was as if they’d set out to prove every “jock” stereotype true. To prove that the only reason that any repercussions are dished out for any action in sports is to save face with the Jerry Sandusky scandal On Monday, September 8th, the NCAA spit in the face of the

NCAA Football: Simply The Best


The video above below the spirit and excitement of College Football perfectly.  When the long days of summer turn in to the golden evenings of fall then you know it’s time for your favorite college football teams to return to the field. The NCAA College Football season is here and for