The Goat Goes Out To Pasture

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I was waiting to post my first piece until I had time to take some usable profile photos, setup my profile here and some new social media outlets, but when a piece of news like this breaks in the area I'm going to be writing in, I feel the need

What Daniel Bryan brings to the table


It’s taken some time to sink in but now wrestling fans all around the world are aware that Daniel Bryan is the WWE world heavyweight champion. For WWE fans that have stuck by him since the beginning this is something great as it signals a potential changing of the guard and

WWE Fans don’t know what they want


Do you remember when Randy Orton was a super over face? Do you remember when WWE fans were pushing hard for a Randy Orton heel turn? His act as a face got stale and the fans were given what they wanted when Randy Orton turned into a heel by cashing