The Case for the Patriots


How many quarterbacks who have played until the age of 39 excel at the level that Tom Brady has? The answer: none.  The most sickening argument that people bring up is, "anyone can do it in the system that Brady has been accustomed to."  Yes, Bill Belichik is one of the

What Happened to Atlanta’s Offense?


It's been a tale of two halves for the Falcons this season. They started with a bang at 5-0, but the last 6 games, the Falcons have gone 1-5, including four consecutive losses. So what has changed? The defense, although far from perfect, has maintained it's strong start and kept the

NFL Week 8 Predictions

detroit lions

The NFL Week has already begun with Denver beating San Diego on Thursday, but I'll offer my predictions for the remaining games this week:   Detroit Lions (5-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (2-5) (London): Detroit continues its upswing and decisively defeats a struggling Falcons team behind another big day from Golden Tate. Pick: Lions   Buffalo