FSU Football 2015 Season Predictions!

better than ever

January the Florida State Seminoles streak came to an embarrassing end in the 59-20 game against Oregon in the College Football Playoffs. Thanks to another top 5 recruiting class and the transfer of Quarterback Everett Golson FSU keeps the hopes and dreams of another CFP return. To start on this year

In The Eye Of The Storm

The Ducks

Eugene, OR-- There is both good news and bad news being spread within the locker room of the Oregon Ducks this weekend. The good news? They have won the Pac-12 North. The bad news? Arizona has won the Pac-12 South. Why is that bad? Arizona is Oregon's only loss this season. And yes,

Could Jameis Winston Sink Florida State’s Season?


Florida State University is presently attached to Jameis Winston at the hip. Unfortunately for Florida State, this could lead to the NCAA's invalidation of their entire season as a result of his possible transgressions, mostly stemming from an autograph for money scheme from a website that is currently tied to