Bucs Treasure Map to the Playoffs

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sinking ship reached the end the season with two wins and fourteen loses, with six of their losses coming from the worst division (NFC South) in the Nation Football League. Even though the Bucs had a terrifying record, they were in contention to make the playoffs

Opinion: I’m glad there’s a college football playoff

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Well, it's about time. There is a college football playoff. I was extremely satisfied about how this all worked out because there are just some college football teams out there that are not as good as what they think they are. One team that was a surprise to me was

Could Jameis Winston Sink Florida State’s Season?


Florida State University is presently attached to Jameis Winston at the hip. Unfortunately for Florida State, this could lead to the NCAA's invalidation of their entire season as a result of his possible transgressions, mostly stemming from an autograph for money scheme from a website that is currently tied to