New Blood: Does the NFL have a problem coaching young quarterbacks?


As the NFL playoffs continue to rumble on, the majority of football teams are already looking to the offseason, and as heads roll in front offices throughout the league (among other teams, the 49ers, Bills, and Jets are all currently without head coaches), it seems a safe assumption that certain

Cutler and Colin: The Fall of Two Quarterbacks


In my third year of participating in my brother's Fantasy Football league, I had one rule that had to be followed: Do not use your first pick on a quarterback. The quarterback position is so deep, I can wait until the fourth or fifth round for one. Starting my season

Carolina Panthers Rally to Beat Chicago Bears

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The Carolina Panthers had been in this position for the past two weeks. Down by multiple scores early in the game, unable to get anything going offensively or make a stop on defense, it looked as though the Chicago Bears would cruise to victory over the reeling Panthers. And then, the