The Lost Champions

Jules Bianchi

The Japanese Grand Prix has just marked the one year anniversary of the accident which injured young driver Jules Bianchi. The accident was one which Jules would never wake from and on the 17th of July this year he died, succumbing to his injuries. He became the first F1 driver

F1 2014 – The Loss of Innocence


The value of sport to those who compete is how it makes them feel, and it's the same for us as fans - we remember competitors for how they make us feel. There is a duality to this, and whilst racing can bring us joy and excitement in a sport where

Hamilton Storms to Victory, But What of Bianchi?


F1 Marussia driver Jules Bianchi was involved in a serious accident, this news loomed over Britain's Lewis Hamilton's win in Japan. Reports have emerged that Bianchi has suffered a severe head injury; causing the race to be called off early, with Bianchi going into an intensive care unit after undergoing surgery. Hamilton