Why Megan Rapinoe is the star that football needs!


Megan Rapinoe? Who is that? It’s the pink-haired lady football player isn’t it, some ask. She’s the one who won both the Ballon D’or and Fifa best player award for the women this year, says someone who follows football closely. Yes, she possesses all those attributes. But what makes her

What Has Become of Barcelona?


After Barcelona's 1-0 loss to Real Sociedad, many people are questioning how the team that was so great under Pep Guardiola has been on a decline ever since and has now found itself in crisis. Luis Enrique left £200m worth of talent on the bench for the game at the San

Same, Same, but Different


Manchester City vs. Barcelona brings one of the most highly anticipated matches of the Champions League season. Two of the most technical and dynamic squads in the world, we are surely in for a cracker match at the Etihad Stadium. Barcelona are renowned for a low-tempo possession game, whilst their counterparts