The Red Sox Still Have Pitching Problems

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Just a few days ago, Red Sox fans were beyond ecstatic to see that their GM Dave Dombrowski acquired superstar pitcher Chris Sale from the Chicago White Sox for a price of $17.1 million over the next three years.  Yes, they had to give up a few prospects however, Sale

Derek Holland headed to free agency

Derek Holland

  The Texas Rangers announced yesterday that they will not be picking the $11 million option for starting pitcher Derek Holland. As painful as it is to say, the Texas Rangers have made the right decision. Holland has done so much for this franchise. He was part of the 2010 and

Domestic Violence Continues to Taint The Beauty of Sport


Just only a couple of days ago, the country had the pleasure of witnessing one of the biggest and most iconic outcomes to ever come out of the sport of baseball.  The Chicago Cubs had finally won the World Series after 108 years.  With social media blowing up on all

NL West Preview and Predictions


Teams: LA Dodgers (92-70), San Francisco Giants (84-78), Arizona Diamondbacks (79-83), San Diego Padres (74-88), and the Colorado Rockies (68-94) Overview: On paper this division looked more competitive than it ended up being in 2015. The Dodgers and Giants rivalry was a nice headline as only one team was seemingly going to make

NL Central Preview and Predictions

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Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (100-62), Pittsburgh Pirates (98-64), Chicago Cubs (97-65), Milwaukee Brewers (68-94), and Cincinnati Reds (64-98) Overview: This division, last year, was a 3-team horse race for the division title. Even before September it was heavily assumed that, unless the Nats or Giants made any major push, three teams from the

NL East 2016 Preview and Predictions


Teams: New York Mets (90-72), Washington Nationals (83-79), Miami Marlin (71-91), Atlanta Braves (67-95), and Philadelphia Phillies (63-99) Overview: Aside from the Mets and Nationals, this was one of the worst divisions last year. Come September it was a two-team race and even that wasn't really a close race. The rebuilding of Miami

The Tim Lincecum Solution?

Tim LIncecum tim lincecum

It's no secret that the AL East has become one of the toughest divisions this off-season. The Boston Red Sox have added their missing ace in David Price, the Baltimore Orioles re-signed slugger Chris Davis, and the Toronto Blue Jays did not lose any of their core players for the upcoming

Baseball’s Best Manager Rightfully Wins Award


On Tuesday, Major League Baseball announced Joe Maddon as the National League Manager of the Year. Maddon has been one of baseball's best managers for several years. He previously won Manager of the Year in 2008, when he led the Tampa Bay Rays to their first World Series appearance, and again

Why Mets versus Dodgers is Shaping to be an NLDS Classic


We all already knew the talent that both these teams possess; they wouldn't have gotten to this point had that not been the case. Both have pitching rotations that any team would salivate over and both the Mets and Dodgers have a NL Cy Young candidate in their rotations, Jacob