It’s Just Not the Mets, But the Yankees Are Back Too


The New York Mets aren’t the only whose lighting it up in the Big Apple. Led by defamed superstar Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees are quietly becoming one of the best teams in the American League. Once Tanaka returns from the Disabled List, the New York Yankees will arguably have

MLB Season Springs To Action

yanks opening day

Early April can be seen as a time of great awakening from the long and cold winter. It is in this same time that baseball returns from Spring Training ready to make it count. Hopes are high at the onset of the new year as free agents take the home field for the

The Chicago Cubs’ Farm System

Ant Rizzo

The Chicago Cubs season this year showed some signs of things to come. Everyone thought that this would be a good year for the Cubs (that happens every year) because it was the 100th Anniversary of Wrigley Field. If you are a Cubs fan, you realized that this was not

The Mini-Story Spectacular, October Edition

joe maddon

So, instead of doing a whole bunch of writing about one topic, I'm taking the lazy option and doing smaller pieces about many different stories. The topics today include: Joe Maddon, Peyton Manning, Steve Nash, and the World Series in the grand scheme of things. Joe Maddon leaves the Tampa Bay

How the Giants won game four, and what comes next


The San Francisco Giants won game four of the World Series by playing the game that they should play. Until the sixth inning of the game the Giants made the mistake of playing the game that the Kansas City Royals were playing. Suddenly the Giants began playing the game as

Great Teams Make Rivalries Better


I was out getting a coffee and the barista commented on my 49ers shirt; she mentioned that while she’s a Seattle Seahawks fan, she actually roots for the Niners because it makes the rivalry, now one of the hottest in the NFL, better; it is a match-up of two great

Hard September Decisions


  Baseball becomes a strange sport in the late summer. As the playoff races begin and trade deadlines approach, front offices across the league have to make a series of hard decisions, beginning with the core question: “Can my team make the playoffs?” There are significant financial benefits if a team makes

The Game Going Forward With Rob Manfred


With the election of Rob Manfred to replace Bud Selig as Commissioner of Baseball, it is a good time to take a minute and look at the future of baseball. The Office of the Commissioner simultaneously has enormous potential, but little power. Without support from the owners, nearly nothing will get