Bulls defeat Celtics in OT 109-104

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The Boston Celtics yet again lose, after being up for most of the game. The Celtics had the lead for most of the game, up until about the end of the third quarter. Now this loss makes Boston 11-20 on the season. Celtics Point Guard Evan Turner, had a good game

Fast Break 1.3


December has arrived and we have a good understanding of what teams will be contending and which teams are bottom-feeders. This is going to be a tough year out West. There are thirteen teams that can contend. The East isn't as strong but it will be fun to watch. The best

Beast of the East. Bulls or Cavs?

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Last season the Eastern conference was by far the weaker of the two conferences in the NBA. The same could be said this year, but teams are certainly improving. Teams like Toronto, Charlotte, and even Washington have had good off-seasons, but do any of them have a chance to win the