Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning retires

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It was confirmed today that it was the end of a great NFL career, Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning held a press conference earlier to announce his retirement from playing and that he is bowing out with no regrets after playing 18 seasons in the NFL. The Denver Broncos quarterback won his

Should Peyton Manning Call It A Career?

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So, a little while ago, I wrote about why the Denver Broncos should put their quarterback, the inimitable Peyton Manning, on the bench. Well, here we are, about a month later, and Peyton Manning didn't start against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. The party line from the Broncos is that Peyton

The Case For Benching Peyton Manning


Even a year ago, saying that the Broncos should put their veteran quarterback on the bench would probably be seen as an act of heresy. The year before that, when Manning threw a record-breaking 55 touchdowns, daring to think they should sit him (even when he was just chasing records

Is it time for Peyton Manning to call it quits very soon?


There's no other quarterback in the league that I know of that can get the ball out faster than Peyton Manning. Manning is an expert at the game and is well-respected by many coaches and other players in the NFL. However, he's starting to show signs that his final days

Brady vs. Manning: “Tom Terrific” Proved Himself


No matter where in the sports world you went, you would hear the same things. "Tom Brady is done." "He's too old to play anymore." "Manning is so much better than Brady." "The Patriots are doomed." Tom Brady heard the media saying these things. What did he do about it? He went

Who are the top five MVP candidates so far this season?

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Halfway through the NFL season, the league is wide open. Records are being broken. Surprise teams are breaking through. Former playoff teams are failing. It has been quite a year so far. It's only fitting that in an NFL season that has been so crazy and unpredictable, multiple players are making

Super Bowl Preview and Prediction


Well America, it's time to say goodbye to the NFL season with one last party in the Big Apple. Though mostly used in boxing, the saying "Styles make fights" have perfectly described the match up we have on February 2nd. The Denver Broncos: The number one offense in the league,