Delhi Capitals clinch a victory in a thrilling encounter


Another Cliff-hanger, thrilling encounter other night involving some high voltage drama and history creation, Delhi Capitals revamped the history by registering their first win in playoffs in the history of VIVO IPL and marked an end to SRH’s dream to Final’s. Delhi Capitals won the toss in this knockout game and

2016 Wizards NBA free agency redo

Just how different could this team look if Washington played it smart?

Washington wanted to make splashes in the 2016 offseason to prove that they were a playoff contender. They finished 41-41 the year prior and missed the playoffs. Now, we all know what the end results were that offseason but what if they were smarter? What if they did things a

Tiebreaker game Previews and Predictions

The Dodgers have a chance to lock up the NL West for the 6th straight time

 Tiebreaker game Previews and Predictions Well, here it is. A full season of major league baseball and we still have two divisions up for grabs. A lot will be on the line tomorrow afternoon, the winners will head straight to the NLDS while the losers will play in the wild card

NHL Quarter Recap: Teams Chances of Playoffs


With roughly a quarter of the season done it is time to look at the odds of each team making the playoffs. It is still pretty early and a lot could and probably will change throughout the season, but it is definitely interesting to see where the league stands after each

What It Feels Like to Miss the Playoffs For a Red Wings Fan


Well, this is weird. For the first time in 25 years (and my entire lifetime), my favorite team--the Detroit Red Wings--have missed out of the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs. I had seen this day coming for a long time, probably since December or January. I realized that the team I watched hit

Seahawks season comes to an end with defeat in Atlanta

seahwaks falcons

Last night was the second weekend of the NFL playoffs, and it began with the Seattle Seahawks traveling to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in the first game of the NFC divisional round. Away games have seemed to be Seattle’s Kryptonite this season, coming into the game at 3-3-1

NHL Playoffs

NHL Playoffs

The NHL teams go through a tough 81 game season, only gaining 2-points every win, and 1 point when the teams make it to OT (over time.) In the NHL season a team will have injuries, suspensions, and healthy scratches which could put the team on the good or bad side

Manning vs. Brady Isn’t About Manning or Brady This Time


Manning vs. Brady. Sports anchors, analysts, and reporters have repeated this mantra for nearly 15 years. Each year since 2000 at least one of these two quarterbacks has led his team to the playoffs. They’ve faced each other sixteen times, with four of those meetings in the playoffs. Meeting number 5,

Divisional Playoff Preview


After what was a bizarre wild card weekend, from failed 27 yard kicks, a complete shut-out in Houston, or even all the road teams winning for the first time in NFL history, it wasn't what you would call your average set of playoff games. Although, the good news is we