NFL Week 10 Preview and Predictions

NFL Michael Thomas

  This week features some marquee league matchups as well as some divisional games. Let’s dive in. Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers Well, this game will be the most exciting Thursday night game we have seen in a few weeks. It will be full of action and close the whole way. Carolina has

NHL Quarter Recap: Teams Chances of Playoffs


With roughly a quarter of the season done it is time to look at the odds of each team making the playoffs. It is still pretty early and a lot could and probably will change throughout the season, but it is definitely interesting to see where the league stands after each

My Premier League Predictions – 2016/17

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With just one day to go before the Premier League season starts again, it's time for predictions! Nobody could've predicted the heroics of the 5000/1 winners Leicester, or Aston Villa's demise, last season and nobody knows what will happen this time around- But I'm going to try my best! So here is

Way Too Soon Predictions For F1 2015


With car launches and preseason testing just a few weeks away the worst of the F1 withdrawals should be beginning to subside and soon the motorsport community will be awash with a new sense of possibility. So let us get to recklessly speculating about the season to come.  Who will win

NFL Week 13 Predictions


The race to the post season is seriously heating up the NFL. See what I have to say will take place this weekend to further clear up the playoff picture of who's in, who's out, and who loves to hear that there's still a chance: 1. Washington Redskins (3-8) @ Indianapolis