The Recent Fall in the NFL

NFL Shield

Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban made a bold statement a couple of years ago.  With the NFL as the biggest professional sport out there, Cuban stated that he could see the league lose a lot of its ratings in five or so years.  Well, as ridiculous as it sounded at

The New Age of Protesting: The Nonstop Coverage


It is refreshing to see LeBron James, amongst others, talking about modern events, and not only bringing awareness to issues, but pushing for change. Unfortunately, young people in this country have a tendency to know the politics. Perhaps the greatest gift that James and the other athletes doing this provide

Did AP ruin his chances of playing this season… or ever?


Child abuse, sex parties, marijuana; no, I'm not talking about the next season of Penny Dreadful, or a sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm talking about the recent media whirlwind surrounding Adrian Peterson, the 'exempt', but unofficially suspended with pay, embattled Minnesota Vikings running back, whose recent misadventures prompted

The New Age of North American Sports: Part I: The NFL


Bill Maher, on his show Real Time with Bill Maher, recently said, in the immediate wake of TMZ releasing the Donald Sterling tapes, that TMZ, and by logical extension other sites like Deadspin, are more dangerous than the NSA. They have a longer reach than anyone is aware of, are more willing

An update on the Ray Rice / Goodell situation


Yesterday, I wrote some strong words about Roger Goodell in the wake of the second Ray Rice video being released to the general public. I avoided over-writing so as to avoid writing something I may regret later, or something that would be out of line. However, having had a day

Quick Reaction: Ray Rice is out of the NFL and Baltimore


The sweeping revelations about Ray Rice's assault against his then-fiancé now wife, as shown by the TMZ-released video this morning, have led to swift, decisive, and strong actions: the NFL changed his suspension from two games to indefinite, and the Ravens terminated his contract, absorbing a whopping $15M cap hit