The Revival of the Seattle Seahawks

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By Kerry Spires Following a rocky 0-2 start to the season by the Seattle Seahawks, any talk of them even being a contender for the playoffs was dismissed out of hand, but following a very convincing win in London against the Oakland Raiders, there’s now an air of “could they?” floating

Seahawks make themselves at home in London

Seahawks defeat Raiders

The Seattle Seahawks stomp to a resounding victory against the Oakland Raiders in the first NFL London game of the year. Following on from their convincing performance against the Rams last week, the Seahawks continued to surge forward with the aggressive momentum they have recently found. The Seahawks have consistently struggled

Dinner With The Enemy


The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time for a family get-together, holiday specials, and some good old-fashioned football. But not just any football...we're talking rivalry football...with playoff berths on the line. The Bears need to win out starting today to have a chance to make the playoffs, the Lions have to maintain

NFL Week 8 Predictions

detroit lions

The NFL Week has already begun with Denver beating San Diego on Thursday, but I'll offer my predictions for the remaining games this week:   Detroit Lions (5-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (2-5) (London): Detroit continues its upswing and decisively defeats a struggling Falcons team behind another big day from Golden Tate. Pick: Lions   Buffalo