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Takeaways from Goldberg’s Dominant Victory against Lesnar at Survivor Series

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12 years after they met for the first time in WWE, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar met once again last night at Survivor Series. The result was a complete shocker for the WWE universe, as Goldberg steamrolled through Lesnar and pinned him within 85 seconds.

As noted earlier, WWE had a lot to do with the buildup to this mega warfare. They only had three individual promos from Paul Heyman and Goldberg, two sit-down interviews of the competitors and a face-to-face stare-down by them where Lesnar left without any physical confrontation. It seemed as if WWE had reserved all the physical animosity for Survivor Series. The buildup to the match was average and the company was relying on their star power to market it as the main event.

However, no one expected the match to be so short-lived. Although a Goldberg win was not completely written off by the fans, it was the manner at which he did that left a sour taste in their mouths. This article analyzes the outcome of the match and tries to project the future story-lines/feuds that can be generated following the unpredictable outcome.

The shock-value of this result is quite high

Goldberg hits Lesnar with the spear for a second time

WWE succeeded with one thing that they set out to do; completely shock the fans around the globe. Goldberg just squashed the guy, who since his return to WWE broke the undefeated streak of the Undertaker, demolished John Cena to become the WWE World Champion, beat the likes of Triple H, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Dean Ambrose and inflict punishment upon the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and a handful of other superstars.

The outcome of the match will create more buzz around the superstars. Fans will tune in to tonight’s Raw to see what Heyman has to say for the loss of his client and what sort of destruction Lesnar creates to get a rematch! This is the path WWE has been following of late; creating shocking moments rather than building up a proper feud/story-line. So far, they have succeeded and this will be no different. The match has already taken the internet by storm! It will now be the creative’s job to make the most out of this situation, starting with…

Goldberg should have more matches lined up

Sources are claiming that Goldberg has extended his deal with WWE and is scheduled to appear at Royal Rumble 2017. Goldberg’s dominant victory will have absolutely no value if WWE decides not to feature him anymore in the future story-lines.

Royal Rumble is the next big pay-per-view in the schedule and WWE must book Goldberg to appear at the event that will emanate from Alamodome of Texas. Perhaps, Goldberg will face Lesnar for the rubber match at the event. Alternatively, he may be booked to enter the Royal Rumble match itself and after a dominant performance might get eliminated due to Lesnar’s interference. That would setup their rubber match for Wrestlemania 33.

Furthermore, WWE can book a current superstar to feud with Goldberg during the road to Wrestlemania. Someone like Roman Reigns, Rusev or Brawn Strowman would be perfect for him. The one to beat the man who has a 2-0 win record against Lesnar will get a huge rub following the victory.

Lazy booking is hurting the product

This is just another case of the creative not utilizing the full potential of a story-line. WWE already had a sour experience with these two wrestlers at Wrestlemania XX. The buildup was excellent but the wrestlers failed to deliver in the ring. 12 years later, the creative started well with the plot but dropped the ball mid-way.

It took Goldberg just 1:25 minutes to beat Lesnar
It took Goldberg just 1:25 minutes to beat Lesnar

The match was scheduled to be the main event of Survivor Series after a red hot bout from the top 5 superstars of Raw and SmackDown in a traditional 5 vs 5 survivor series elimination tag team match. Fans were disappointed once again during a Lesnar-Goldberg match. Even if WWE decides to book them for a blow-off match next year, fans will be skeptical as their hopes have been dashed twice before.

The creative should realize that short term booking will hurt the product in the long run. They now have to book the upcoming feuds of Goldberg and Lesnar cautiously. They pay-off of such booking will be huge whereas lazy booking will only leave fans buzzing for a day or two. They will be dissatisfied eventually and it will be a disservice to the potential of either men.

WWE should trust its new generation

WWE has dropped the ball twice with its current generation. They booked an already established WWE superstar, an MMA world champion end the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Following that, Lesnar was pushed as the all-conquering force. It was speculated that the man to beat the Beast Incarnate would receive a huge boost for his career. So, when the time came, they booked Goldberg, a man who has not wrestled in a WWE ring for 12 years to beat Lesnar clean!

The Beast has been slain
The Beast has been slain

In both cases, WWE could have booked two rising superstars to gain the most from the story-lines. They have missed two massive opportunities. WWE still have no superstars who can main event Wrestlemania on their own. They had to rely on Rock, Triple H, Cena and Lesnar- wrestlers of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras to market their events.

WWE has to show its confidence on the new superstars rather than reaching out towards established names. The latter, albeit being a safe bet does nothing good for long term booking. The creative should book an up-and-coming star to beat Goldberg which will give a huge momentum to his career.

WWE should do justice to this feud. An injured Goldberg might not have wrestled a purely competitive bout but that does not explain the squash match that WWE booked last night. The only way to salvage this situation is to book Goldberg for a couple of matches during the road to Wrestlemania and either have a proper rubber bout between them or have a current superstar slay the man who slayed the Beast Incarnate. Anything short of that will be a huge letdown for the fans.

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