The Growing Relationship Between Gaming and Sport

The Growing Relationship Between Gaming and Sport

Updated: Oct 25, 2021 7:08 pm

At first, glance, playing poker or spinning the wheel in roulette would seem to be a very long way from the high-octane world of motor racing. However, look beneath the surface, and you’ll find many similarities, which helps explain the growing connection between the two.

Gaming and sports both require mental agility and also involve a degree of competitiveness and the desire to win.

There is a blossoming relationship between gaming and sport, with Formula 1 and other motor racing right at the front of the field.

Striking Similarities

Casinos offer an enormous variety of games to play, but if you want to win, you’ll need more than good luck. The best casino players understand that in order to win, you need a combination of good fortune and an intelligent strategy.

Although the odds are very different, the same could be said of Formula 1. The best driver on the day doesn’t always win; an unlucky puncture or a stuck tyre rig can ruin the best-laid plans.

No one would deny that Formula 1 and other types of motor racing is high-risk sport. Driving at crazy speeds and rounding hairpin bends is a feat that very few could manage. Gambling may not involve the same life and limb risks, but it’s a form of entertainment that will test your nerve. With the option of employing either low or high-risk strategies, it’s a game that rewards those who are prepared to be brave.

And all of this comes with high emotions. Whether it’s standing on the F1 podium or walking away from the casino with a healthy profit. Drivers and gamblers both pour their feelings into what they do, which is why the outcome can bring elation – or misery.

Obviously, gambling and motorsports are different in many ways, but their similarities have brought the two worlds closer. With fans enjoying a bet on the outcome of a race, there’s a considerable overlap between casinos and F1 which is impossible to ignore.

Joining Forces

The relationship between Formula 1 and casinos developed further earlier in 2021 when leading gambling firm Entain struck up a sponsorship deal with McLaren.

The owner of globally renowned PartyCasino, Entain has agreed to sponsor McLaren and launch dedicated content. The gaming firm is renowned for its outstanding technology and its commitment to using the latest developments to provide a safe and secure platform for its players. As part of the recent sponsorship deal between McLaren and PartyCasino, Entain will be collaborating with the racing giant to explore how betting can be made even safer.

The head of McLaren emphasized the focus on “safe and responsible excitement” for both F1 and the casino brand, something that will be at the heart of their work together in the coming years.

Entain has also agreed to provide special content featuring McLaren on their new platform, with exclusive news, competitions, and prizes available to fans who play.


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