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The Target on Paul Pogba’s Back As His United Debut Beckons

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It’s official: Paul Pogba is once again a Manchester United player. It started as a pipedream but came to fruition thanks to the big spending director, Ed Woodward. It is a fairytale return; the unacknowledged son embarks on a journey to prove his worth, which he does, only to return home to the cheers of his townsmen. Yes, United got their man, but at what cost? Paul Pogba is the most expensive footballer on the planet still we can’t but wince at the thought for obvious reasons.

Three players in the past seven years have laid claim to the throne which Pogba now sits, yet valid arguments can be made to justify their costs; they had conquered their respective leagues from an individualistic standpoint, they bore the burdens of their national teams on their shoulders, they were consistent. They had won the highest individual awards in their respective league before ascending the throne, unlike Pogba whose highest accolades are Team of the Year mentions and assist leader. Pogba’s fee feels like the most spent on potential, which makes for sour reading.

During his time at Juventus he had the guidance of two midfield virtuosi in Pirlo and Marchisio; while the tactical Conte eased him in gradually to ensure his growth. A role reversal awaits him in Manchester. Over the years his game improved, howbeit has he progressed to the level of the last central midfielder to hold the unofficial title, Zidane? We all know the answer to that! Make no mistake, Paul Pogba is a fantastic footballer who puts fans on the edge of their seats with his mesmerizing skills, delicate passes and powerful shots. Given time he might well complete his development, with the Ballon d’Or as the icing, but his price means he lacks that luxury.

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The hallmark of the most expensive players is their efficiency and consistency; words that are seldom used in the same line as Pogba. His statistics over the past couple of seasons show improvement still he’s wanting in the consistency department.

At that cost, United fans would expect him to hit the ground running with goals and assists, with each misplaced ball inciting groans and questions. For a player of his age and role that might prove a tall order. Be that as it may, when such amount is spent on a player you want Superman, not The Red Bee.

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