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Top 10 Football Geeks


No footballer’s career lasts forever, in an age where footballers are seen in many parts of society as non-educated, over paid idiots. Admittedly this is the case for some footballers but there are certainly a few players who have brains and are already building for life after football. Here is the top 10 Footy Geeks.

10. Andrei Arshavin

When Arshavin is not playing for Russian side Zenit St Petersburg he is often found designing woman’s clothes for his own fashion line. He designs woman’s dresses, shirts and even underwear. In his first spell with Zenit St Petersburg he participated in a year’s fashion and design course at St Petersburg State University.

9. Manuel Almunia

Manuel Almunia the German Watford goalkeeper has a surprise interest in World War 2. In an interview with football magazine 442 he said, “I find Television very boring I only watch films or documentaries that are about World War 2”. He has also read Saving Private Ryan 4 times.

8. David James

Although Goalkeeper David James has no University degree as of yet, his work for charitable organisations is very admirable and when interviewed he seems an intelligent articulate person. David also has his own column in the Observer.

7. Joey Barton

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When I was discussing footballers being un-educated, over-paid idiots, you would be forgiven to think Joey Barton was one of them. There is no doubt he has a bad reputation on and off the pitch, however Joey is currently doing a degree in philosophy. Many of Barton’s tweets are very deep and thought provoking.

6. Stuart Armstrong

The young Dundee United Centre midfielder recently confessed to previously being bored of his life after training and is now taking part in an Open University course in Law.

When interviewed Stuart is very well spoken and polite, often confusing Sports pundits with words with more than 4 syllables, something the likes of Chick Young is not used to.

5. Glen Johnson

Liverpool and England right back Glen Johnson is suggested as a bit of a math geek. Enrolling in a 4 years Open University math course. Johnson is sometimes the punch line of the team jokes when he is found studying on the bus to long away trips.

4. Frank Lampard

The midfield maestro Frank Lampard is known throughout world football as one of the most down to earth players in world football. As well as his consistent performances in the blue and white shirts he has the reputation of one of the cleverest footballers in the game just now.

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Frank left his school with 11 GCSE’s and earned an A in Latin. Lampard is also a published author, writing with Little Brown’s children’s books.

3. Juan Mata

Man United’s Mata graduated from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid as Sport Science, Physical Education and currently marketing. Hoping to walk in the shoes of Red Devils Legend Edwin Van-Der Sar as a major clubs Marketing Executive.

2. Clarke Carlisle

When Clark Carlisle finishes his football career he will certainly have an impressive CV. The wordy defender appeared on Countdown and reached the semi-final.

In 2002 he one Britain’s brainiest footballer, the show many thought was a joke. Carlisle also graduated from Staffordshire University.

He has a prominent role in the Kick It Out racism campaign, appearing on a BBC documentary. He is also an ambassador for the Player Football Association. Carlisle also likes to keep in touch with political matters and has appeared on BBC Question Time.

1. Socrates

Although Brazilian Midfielder Socrates retired many years ago his Academic achievements should be made noticeable. During his time playing for teams Like Santos and Fiorentina he achieved a Masters in Medicine and became a qualified Doctor. He also became a doctor in Philosophy in the later stages of his career.

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