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Tracking Cesaro’s career



Since joining the main roster in early 2012 Cesaro is a wrestler that has gone from strength to strength. He joined as ‘Antonio Cesaro’ the multilingual ex rugby player who also had a good-looking girlfriend to accompany him to the ring and during this time he would deliver great performances in his matches, something that the WWE universe has come to know and respect him for however at this time he came across as a bland heel whose best trait was speaking five languages.

Antonio Cesaro’s first big break came when he captured the United States championship from Santino Marella. His performances were rewarded with a title and he began to gain some momentum after that. He dumped Aksana and started to show some flavour by becoming the U.S champion that despised the country.

As the champion he continued to go out and impress on a weekly basis which slowly started earning him fans however in the first few months of him becoming the U.S champion there wasn’t anybody around to engage him long enough for the fans to see the progress that his character made.

Cesaro speaking five languages:

After defending the championship against the likes of Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel, Antonio Cesaro engaged in feuds with R-Truth and The Miz where he was given more time on TV to show his character and his skill set. During these months he received praise from various wrestlers including CM Punk who was confused when Cesaro was left off WrestleMania 29’s match card.

CM Punk speaks on Antonio Cesaro at 1:13:

Post-WrestleMania Cesaro’s career came to a halt as he lost the U.S championship to Kofi Kingston and was left floundering in the midcard. His skills were too good to leave him there for long and he ended up siding with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, this is where he made his biggest impact to date.

With the real Americans Antonio Cesaro didn’t manage to get his hands on any tag team gold but with a name change from ‘Antonio Cesaro’ to ‘Cesaro’ and his big swing he completely won over the fans. He had gone from the unlikeable anti-American champion to the respected anti-immgration superstar.

The Cesaro Swing:

He continued to become more prominent through his pairing with Jack Swagger however his time was clearly coming and he was given a huge boost when he qualified for the elimination chamber match that took place earlier this year.

He didn’t win the match however in the months following he started to show that he was bigger than the real Americans, fans were cheering for him more than Swagger and Colter, everybody in the arena would be on the tip of their toes when he was about to execute the big swing and everybody had come to respect his wrestling skills by this point.

At WrestleMania XXX Cesaro made a huge mark by winning the Andre the giant battle royal but it was the post-WrestleMania show which opened up a new chapter for him. He announced his allegiance to Paul Heyman, a man who is known for taking his clients to the top and unceremoniously threw Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger to the side.

Since being aligned with Paul Heyman Cesaro has bested the likes of Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and Rob Van Dam to name a few and is headed straight for a match with Sheamus at Payback for the U.S Championship on Sunday.

At the age of 33 there is still a lot more for Cesaro to achieve and should he continue with the momentum he has now, he’ll reach there very soon.

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