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Triple H’s WWE will be better than the present product

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‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin conducted a podcast with Triple H straight after this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, and if the podcast is anything to go by then it’s safe to assume that when Triple H takes over at the helm of the WWE, his product will be a significant improvement over what is aired today. Over the course of the podcast Austin and Triple H went over a number of issues surrounding the climate of wrestling today and Triple H proved that he knows the business well.

During the podcast Triple H acknowledged the existence of the IWC, an ever present community in the world of wrestling. It was noted that ‘kayfabe is dead’ which Triple H accepted, with his knowledge of the wrestling business it was implied that he’s aware that the WWE needs to make a product which takes IWC’s opinion seriously.

Vince McMahon is known to ignore the IWC which proves how out of touch he is with his own product. Given that Triple H was involved in Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania push that ended up with him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it’s likely that Triple H will start giving more wrestlers that are over a shot at the world title.

Another point that Triple H alluded to was the length of Raw. A three hour Monday Night Raw is a great concept however it can come off really badly when not utilised properly and this is what fans have been seeing for a long time now. With a length of three hours Raw has the potential to push WWE’s main event and midcard talent properly yet it doesn’t. At NXT which is run by Triple H, the talent is pushed much better there than on the main roster, when coupled with the fact that it’s easy to name more than 5 top talents at NXT plus the fact that NXT is only an hour, what Raw and Smackdown do comes across as appalling.

At NXT Triple H allows the talent to be part of the creative process which makes their characters come across as more natural, this is something that the talent on main roster desperately need and if Triple H can do that for the talent at NXT, then he’ll definitely be able to do it for the talent on the main roster.

Triple H was asked what he’d like to see change on Monday Night Raw and his thoughts undoubtedly resonated with the thoughts of the WWE universe. He noted a number of things including more natural sounding promos and more story development; these can be taken as a sign of things to come. If Triple H has noticed these problems then he’s definitely noticed more problems with the product and once he comes to control it will be within his best interest to sort them out.

Triple H demonstrated that he’s in touch with the needs of the WWE universe as well as the company and when he takes over, the WWE will begin to see better days.

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