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UEFA Nations League Finals

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UEFA Nations League Finals

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UEFA Nations League Finals

The inaugural UEFA Nations League Finals knockout tournament will take place in June 2019. The tournament will have the four winners from each group face each other in the semifinals: Portugal, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands. All the Finals games will be played in Portugal.

Portugal vs Switzerland:

  • Portugal record v Switzerland: W-7 / D-5 / L-10
  • Both sides recently each won their home game 2-0 in the 2018 World Cup qualifying
  • In the UEFA EURO 2008 tournament, the Swiss won 2-0.

England vs Netherlands:

  • Netherlands record v England: W-6 / D-9 / L-6
  • Sides last met in 2018 for a friendly with England winning 1-0
  • At the EURO’96 tournament, England was victorious 4-1.


Wednesday 5 June:

Portugal v Switzerland

 Thursday 6 June:

Netherlands v England

Match for third place
Sunday 9 June:

Sunday 9 June:

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