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Robert Guerrero vs Yoshihiro Kamegai + More


Whilst both Chad Dawson and Martin Murray fight this weekend it is a triple header at the StubHub centre in California that is garnering all the press attention this weekend.

Robert Guerrero returns to the ring for the first time since losing to Floyd Mayweather and we get to see the always entertaining Jesus Soto Karass fight and Gary Russell Jr isn’t taking on someone called TBC.

First of all let’s take the Guerrero fight. Yoshihiro Kamegai is a 31-year-old from Japan with a record of 24-1-1. Footage on YouTube makes him seem a little limited, easy to hit and not carrying too much of a bang himself.

Then again Robert Guerrero was never one to hit that hard unless he is holding behind the head. A snoozefest where Guerrero wins on point for me.

More interesting is the fight of Devon Alexander and Soto Karass. Karass was always a gatekeeper. He was impressive in two fights with Mike Jones but lost them both before finally getting a marquee victory over Andre Berto after beating Selcuk Aydin.

Since then Keith Thurman smacked him around but he did cause him trouble early in the fight.

Alexander is one of the more boring fighters at the top of the welterweight division and is one loss away from tumbling down the big fight waiting list and I’m going to stick my neck out and say this is the fight that does it.

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Alexander has struggled when faced with brawlers that crowd him, Tim Bradley and Shawn Porter did this brilliantly to him.

Sure, Karass isn’t on the level of these guys but just for giggles let’s assume he gets the chance to crowd Alexander and cause him problems. I’m plumping for a shock with this one.

Perhaps the most interesting fight of the weekend is the one between two fighters we know very little about. I mean we know a lot about them as one has been a top prospect for 3 years now and the other is perhaps the greatest amateur boxer of all time.

However in the top end of the pro ranks, where we assume they both should be, it is a little less clear. Lomachenko was bullied by Orlando Salido and lost his second pro fight whereas we have no idea how Gary Russell Jr will handle an actual opponent of quality. If I had to put my life savings on it I would plump for Lomachenko but I’ll sit on the bench and go for a draw instead.

Robert Guerrero vs Yoshihiro Kamegai. Guerrero UD

Devon Alexander vs Jesus Soto Karass. Karass MD

Gary Russell Jr vs Vasly Lomachenko. Draw.

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