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WhaleBets – Tipping service brought to another level


I am, and I have always been passionate about sports. I love almost all the games ( not you curling! ), but I am incredibly fond of football. Maybe it has to do with my football background, in the end, I was the football captain in school. For all American readers, I have to state I am talking about the actual football, the game you called soccer and not American football.

With that passion burning in me and with years of experience it’s only logical I gave sports betting a try. I had random success with my bets, but I was reasonably profitable for over a year until Bet365 decided to close my account. Maybe I did go on tilt, or it was merely a matter of luck, but I did manage to lose everything I had won and more. I took a month off and started looking at what am I doing wrong. In the end, I had a bankroll management strategy, and I was using everything I knew about sports, and it still wasn’t going my way. So I decided to start looking for a reputable betting tipster, and I tried the services of at least 15 so-called tipsters.

I won’t get into details about the bad ones, but I`ll tell you to stay away from anyone that is promising 100% sure win or fixed games. I tried both paid and free services, and I was pretty much ready to give up before I came across WhaleBets. Now I have to say I was a bit sceptical at the start as I found some spelling errors, but boy was I surprised afterwards. Now I am not a designer, and I don’t have basic knowledge about design rules but comparing their design to the rest of the competition was an easy task as they were head and shoulders above the rest ( that I found ). Afterwards, I took an in-depth look at their betting strategies which were well explained and easy to understand. I saw that they provide unique infographics, articles about football (soccer), detailed reviews of a lot of bookmakers and the bonuses they offer and last but not least tips.

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They have both free tips and paid tips. Of course, even though I was impressed I didn’t just jump in head first and purchased the VIP tips, I kept track of the free ones for over a month. They were making a profit from the free games even with the odds going down as low as 1.25. After a couple of months, I purchased the fairly expensive VIP package, and I have lived happily ever after :). I have been a VIP member for over five months, and I have managed to pay for my package and win a favourable amount of money so I can say with a hand on my heart that they are the best football tipsters I found. To give you more of an idea about the service in this short article will be hard, but I have to mention that they are always honest ( maybe the most critical trait ), looking to help, available pretty much 24/7 and they have different plans depending on your preferences and the bookies you use.

So if you are looking for a long term partner to help you with your bets look no further than – WhaleBets.

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