What Are the Best Options You Can Win the Kentucky Derby in 2022?

Kentucky Derby

Updated: Dec 23, 2021 7:42 pm

Since the early 1980’s people of Kentucky have taken a profound interest in Derby races and ongoing race track events. Kentucky’s first derby race took place in Louisville, with around 1000 spectators on the racecourse. Every year people of Kentucky eagerly wait for derby events that attract thousands of spectators and online viewers. It’s been about more than 140 years, the derby racecourse events have entertained residents of Kentucky. Every quality neighbourhood requires sports and racetracks events to keep its residents socially active and connected.

According to NBC figures, the coverage of the Kentucky Derby has averaged more than 14 million viewers since 2008. The 2021 campaign received extraordinarily high ratings, with NBC averaging more than 15 million viewers. This was a significant rise over the previous year’s broadcast (9.8 million), which was held in September due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the betting handle climbed from $79.4 million in 2020 to $153.66 million.

The residents of Kentucky don’t just follow the Kentucky Derby but also take a keen interest in knowing about the backstage news and gossips related to horses and riders. With the start of the racing season, sports analysts and betting platforms start presenting past race results and betting odds.

How to Start Betting as an Amateur?

If you are new in Kentucky or haven’t bet on horses before, you can start by carefully examining the odds and working out winning percentages through rough calculations. If you are really into probability and data analytics, keep it aside for a moment and review the previous race

records. Once you have finished examing the odds, select the horse you think is most likely to win the race. However, to find out about the horse’s jockey performance, you need to do some online digging and research about different jockeys and their past performances.

After reviewing the odds and finalizing the horse, you need to finalize the type of bet you are playing. Many seasoned betters bet exacta, betting on two horses that would cross the finish line irrespective of order. Whether you are playing bets for 3 horses to cross the finish line, it is called a trifecta regardless of their order. Only seasoned and regular betters can win while playing these bets, as these require sheer analytical skill and hours of studying the odds.

Many racecourses offer various other types of bets, including the wager, where individuals bet on the winner. The states where betting of Kentucky Derby is legalized place their bets between 10 cents to $10. The rising winning percentage increases the loss margin. However, winning is not guaranteed and one can also face huge losses, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to go for it. If you like to try it out for fun, it’s advisable to pick small bets if you are a rookie better, new in the circuit.

Best Options to Place Bets in Kentucky Derby 2022

Every individual watching the Kentucky Derby race 2022 would focus on the odds before the race. Predicting the winner of a derby race is never easy, as highlighting a winner and predicting the outcomes in such a complex race track is very tough. In Kentucky Derby, 20 horses participate in the race, which is selected and finalized through pre-racing events that continue throughout the year. Those races aren’t much of significance for locals of Kentucky but have some great competition and spirit.

Betting on Kentucky Derby 2022 is legalized in some countries; all you need to do is search for the best sites for horseracing odds to find the horses and jockeys that have the highest odds of winning. One can also sit back and catch the live-action and post-game updates through the mobile application at online betting platforms.

It is advisable to check the mobile application’s functioning and overall user interface before signing up on sportsbook and other online betting platforms. With the advancement in technology after the pandemic, the user interface of such online platforms is designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible to make it easier for users.

Best Horses to Bet on In Kentucky Derby 2022

  1. Pappacap

The lightning thunder Pappacap leads the roster for the 2022 Kentucky Derby after finishing second in the G1 event of Breeders’ Cup Juvenile. Pappacap is among the top favorites for the race due to its noticeable and consistent form and speed. Pappacap comes from a strong background of Peruvian stayer Al Qasr, the champion family.

  1. Rattle N Roll

Over the course of the past year, Rattle N Roll has been on the good books of betters, according to whom Rattle N Roll is improving with every race and presenting solid foot movement, agility, and mental presence. Rattle n Roll won his first race, which took place at Churchill Downs at a 1 1/16 mile, surprising everyone. The horse exhibits great stamina and courage, making him among the expected top performers of the Derby 2022.

  1. Jack Christopher

The two-year-old Jack Christopher is expected to be on the racecourse in early 2022, after going through a minor operation after an on-field injury. Jack hails from a winning and good sire horse family and is a half-sister to other winning horses. The young and energetic Jack Christopher is expected to dominate the Kentucky Derby 2022.

  1. Make It Big

As the name suggests, Make It Big is among the most dominating horses expected to be at the Kentucky Derby 2022. Its current jockey Jose Ortiz is confident about finishing the derby race among the top 3 and continuing the read hot streak. Many betters are looking forward to the race, as Make It Big is among the leading trendsetters.

Few more horses are on the highest odds of winning this upcoming season and are expected to make it to the final roosters of Kentucky Derby 2022.


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