What Football Clubs Can Do To Support Gamblers?


In March 2020, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission amended the laws and regulations. All online gambling portals must collaborate and comply with GamStop rules as part of the new legislation. If the proposal is rejected or some operator fails to comply with the pre-set standards, the licenses for these operators will be revoked. 

Football is the most popular spectator sport in the United Kingdom, with a fan base that spans almost the whole country. Therefore, football is the main event where people place bets. As a result, considering the popularity and the amount of reach it is capable of fetching, its status may have a beneficial impact on GamStop’s goals and objectives. Football clubs that promote GamStop help it reach a larger audience than any other sport.

Football clubs and other large organizations have joined hands with GamStop, another organization dedicated to responsible gambling practices directed toward the citizens of the UK. This partnership with several sporting clubs is one of GameStop’s standout features. Among those clubs, we’re going to talk about the GamStop-affiliated football clubs. GamStop, an independent self-exclusion scheme aimed at problem gamblers with serious addiction disorders, is cooperating with a variety of organizations, including football clubs, to further its mission. 

Football Clubs Supporting GamStop

The football club Luton Town helps open the door for GamStop to reach a larger percentage of the people in the country thanks to its large fan base. This cooperation entails club members, including athletes, participating in a variety of activities and workshops aimed at preventing reckless gambling. Luton Town Football Club was one of the first football clubs to join GamStop on a voluntary basis. This is also beneficial for the reputation of the club. 

They are promoting the cause both on their social media handles and on match days. Middlesbrough football club is also supporting the same cause by empathizing with the players. GamStop is a public service that is provided for free. It is only available to UK punters, as recent studies have revealed that more than 2 million people in the UK are at risk of losing their assets due to gambling addiction. GamStop assists problematic gamblers by preventing their admission into online casinos after registration.

How Football Clubs Help 

GamStop is a public service that is provided for free to the citizens of the UK. It is only available to UK punters, as recent studies have revealed that more than 2 million people in the UK are at risk of losing their assets due to gambling addiction. However, one of GamStop’s restrictions is that it can only control sites that are approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. GamStop punters continue to use betting websites with an offshore license, like FreshBet, that provides outstanding service to the punters while evading GamStop’s full control.

Policies of Responsible Gambling

  • All transactions are subject to strict security measures in order to avoid any fraudulent behaviour. It is all very common given the popularity and growth of the gambling business in the United Kingdom. Payment getaways that apply to these operational sites are first verified to be trustworthy.
  • The UK government takes ethical marketing policies very seriously, and they are included in one of the responsible gambling policies. Its purpose is to ensure that operators do not target persons who are vulnerable to risky gaming habits.
  • Under-age gambling is strictly prohibited, which means that anybody under the age of 18 is prohibited from joining the sites and participating in wagering activities both online and offline. The restriction extends to sports betting as well.
  • Status about a gambler’s financial details, as well as other data, are kept completely private. Strict encryption policies are required in order to be recognized.
  • The offering of assistance to gamblers who are in danger. There are free services accessible to anyone who is in need of assistance.


GamStop is promoted in many ways including by getting featured in football clubs on match days, as well as through their different social media accounts and other outlets. 

Apart from Middlesbrough and Luton Town football clubs, Swansea City also participates in safer gambling week in order to spread awareness regarding healthy gambling habits.


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